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Lego Police Station: Could It Catch Kids’ Attention?

Not even God could take away the dreams of a young boy who is fated to see them. These dreams are usually manifested by the way that he acts or plays, and one obvious indicator that may likely show his destiny in the future is his enthusiasm in a game called Cops and Robbers. And with visions like this, parents may resort to some measures in order to let the child aspire while under their guidance. It is a good thing that Lego Police Station is there to give parents a chance to let their children experience these aspirations at home under their tutelage.


The product includes many features and figures to offer for Cops and Robbers enthusiasts. The package typically includes two jail cells, a command center with computers, a helipad on the roof of the command center, and a garage that can house two vehicles. The vehicles include a police car, a bicycle and a prisoner transport van. The package also includes four police officers, two burglars, one police dog, and many police accessories like handcuffs, a dog kennel, a crowbar, a wanted poster, an evidence room, a mug shot area, and a secret compartment. The whole package contains 783 pieces of durable Lego plastic and weighs 4.4 pounds. The product is recommended for children from 6 to 12 years old.


Lego Police Station Set


Pro 1: Appealing Theme

There are many aspects of this product that make it one of the best toys that simulate cops and robbers. For the best part of these aspects, the police and cops idea is rather a smart move for the company. The theme definitely appeals children within the recommended age group due to its immense potential for story telling and playability.


Pro 2: Solid Details

Another good thing about the creation of this product is the solid attention given in the careful design of the details of the product. Although the whole toys represent the scenario in a childish and cartoonish kind of way, the portrayal is accurate and true-to-life with its numerous doodads and accessories.


Pro 3: Easy Instruction Manual

The setup of the whole cops and robbers setting is amazingly simple especially with an instruction manual that is decipherable even for children a little lower than the indicated age requirement. Although the whole theme may seem mature for most children, the construction of the whole package is incredibly easy.


Pro 4: Engaging Endeavor

Along with the excellent texturing and aesthetics of the kit, the product is both an engaging and appealing endeavor for children. Even the added four cops, two robbers, and even the dog is a good way to keep children busy. Children will be sure to play with it for a long time with their friends.


Con: Quick Assembly With High Price

Even with the ingenuity that this product boasts, it still has one slight shortcoming to consider. The set is surprisingly quick to assemble despite its relatively higher cost. The fun associated with assembling the product is undisputable, but the length of time to enjoy assembling it within 1 to 3 hours gives others a clue that there might be other challenging kits to put together.


Why We Like The Lego Police Station

After researching the product extensively, we’ve narrowed down to these factors;  The Lego Police Station has 783 pieces. It has opening features such as the jail cell doors open and close.  It is the best set in Lego City. It has lots of great minifigures, including two robbers, four policemen, and a dog. 
   It is a good set to play with even after you’ve finished building.”


Final Thoughts: Strong Features That Could Catch Kids’ Attention

This small weakness aside, the Lego Police Station has more features that are strong enough to catch kids’ attention and keep them engaged. Even though it has a short assembly time, as most people would probably think, the experience is definitely rewarding with its meaningful theme, appealing details and figures, and effortlessly understandable construction.

LEGO City Police 60047 Police Station





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