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Lego Minifigures Series 18 Review
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Lego has recently released its latest Minifigures Series on April 1st. Below is a list of all the figures included, as well as some information on each of them.

Lego Minifigures Series 18: Party Information


The Lego Minifigures Party Series comes with an increased amount of figures compared to previous series. Below is a description of all 17 of them.LEGO Series 18 Costume Collectible Minifigures

LEGO Series 18 Costume Collectible Minifigures - Set of 16 Minifigures SEALED (71021)
  • 16 different minifigures (one of each) are SEALED in manufacturer packaging.
  • 1: Elephant Costume Girl,2: LEGO Brick Suit Guy,3: LEGO Brick Suit Girl,4: Party Clown
  • 5: Firework Guy,6: Birthday Party Girl,7: the Dragon Suit Guy,9: Spider Suit Boy
  • 10: Cake Guy, 11: Cactus Girl,12: Cat Costume Girl,13: Race Car Guy,
  • 14: Flowerpot Girl, 15: Cowboy Costume Guy, 16: Birthday Party Boy,17: Unicorn Guy

The 17 Minifigures

The 17 figures included in this set are: Birthday Cake Guy, Birthday Party Boy, Birthday Party Girl, Spider Suit Boy, Cowboy Costume Guy, Flowerpot Girl, Race Car Guy, Dragon Suit Guy, Firework Guy, Party Clown, Lego Brick Suit Girl, Lego Brick Suit Guy, Classic Police Officer, Unicorn Guy, Cat Costume Girl, Cactus Girl, and Elephant Girl.

Birthday Cake Guy – This figure sports a blue tuxedo with a yellow bowtie. There is a cake icing “stain” on its front.

Birthday Party Boy – This figure is wearing a blue polka dot shirt and black shorts. He also has green glasses and is smiling.

Birthday Party Girl – This figure wears a white shirt with a purple bow around its waist.

Spider Suit Boy – This figure is in a black spider costume, and has a face that is white on one side. On the side that is white, it has a scared expression. On the other side, it has an emotionless expression.

Cowboy Costume Guy – This figure has a vest with brown pants that match the color of his horse. It has a smirking expression.

Flowerpot Girl – This figure is plant-themed, with a green-vined torso and a flowerpot printed on its legs. It also has a pink flower petal piece attached to its head.

Race Car Guy – This figure sports a white and blue jumpsuit, with a race car on its waist.

Dragon Suit Guy – This figure is wearing a red suit with black scales that resemble a dragon. There is also a wings piece that attaches to its back.

Firework Guy – This figure wears a star print pattern with the word “Bang” on its front. There is also a rocker piece that is placed over its head and torso.

Party Clown – This figure is in a multicolored outfit, with an orange and purple shirt and green legs.

Lego Brick Suit Girl:  This figure comes with Lego bricks that connect to its back. It has a smiling expression.

Lego Brick Suit Guy – This figure is a male version of the above figure.

Classic Police Officer – This figure has a black shirt and a badge printed on the torso.

Unicorn Guy : This figure sports light blue coloring and star patterns on its torso.

Cat Costume Girl – This figure has white fur print and comes with a blue fish accessory.

Cactus Girl – This figure wears a cactus costume.

Elephant Girl – This figure is grey with and wears a pink ballerina skirt. It has a smiling expression on one half of the face and a scared expression on the other. It comes with a brown mouse accessory and elephant head pieces.

Lego Minifigures Series 18: Party Conclusion

If you’re a Lego fan, keep an eye out for these figures! They are available in sets or as single figures.


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