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Lego Taj Mahal
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Lego Taj Mahal: A Small-Scale Review Of Epic Proportions

Due to this model being discontinued, these have become a must have for the serious collector. The prices being commanded by specialist sellers have reflected this trend.
For certain reasons, some kids may try to ask their parents if they could visit India to have a long look at the Taj Mahal. They may ask for it out of sheer curiosity about the place, or even the mysterious name, but the fact of the matter is parents could not afford to fulfill every wish of their children. Thankfully and coincidentally, the Lego Taj Mahal exists as a product under the same company that produces plastic blocks for children so that they would be able to experience the iconic structure inside their very own bedrooms.


Lego Taj Mahal Model


The package comes with many parts and pieces to help children build the legendary Taj Mahal. It includes 5922 pieces of durable Lego plastic that have been specially crafted according to the realistic details of the famous structure with rare elements and colors. It includes a base with domes, arches, stairs, minarets, and finials to complete the structure. The whole completed building measures about 20 inches wide and about 16 inches tall, and weighs over 15.4 pounds. Designed for kids from 14 to 20 years old, this kit is specially made for seasoned builders who need a bigger challenge compared to other Lego products.


Pro 1: Stunning Appearance

There are a lot of features of the product that make it worthy to serve as a fine recreation of the beautiful structure. The most noticeable thing about this product is its stunning appearance and closeness to the real thing. When looking at it from far a way, the details and proportions look gorgeous.


Pro 2: Fine Detail

Another thing about this product, which is also quite related to its beauty, is the fine detail. As anyone would examine its parts, arches, curves, and decorations, all these decorations were expertly crafted to astonish every kit builder. Even for Lego structures, this recreation seems to finely represent the structure itself, rather than remake it into a cutesy, robotic kind of way.


Lego Taj Mahal


Pro 3: Solid Build

The structure is also solidly built, and it is as sturdy as a big block of ice. However, in case the user wants to move it to another location, it could be easily done by just disconnecting the six base connectors and lifting it off without ever dismantling the whole building itself.


Pro 4: Family Involvement

And on top of everything mentioned, this is a fine way to get the whole family involved. The difficulty is actually not a bad thing, because the kids would be encouraged to get help from their parents or brothers and sisters. This actually serves as an extra bonding moment for the whole family.


Con: Not Properly Categorized Blocks

Even with the obvious perfection that the Taj Mahal Lego displays, the product does seem to have its sole weakness. More often than not, people would find that the blocks are not properly segregated or categorized in their packages. This would tend to add confusion between family members, which at the same time adds to its complexity in construction.


Alternatives To The Lego Taj Mahal

For those who don’t have the budget for the Lego Taj Mahal, we’d suggest you look at the Oxford Taj mahal Building Block Kit, Special Edition Assembly Blocks BM 35211.
  This set has 1300 pieces, is regular block size ( not nano size ) and built up is sized : 23.5 x 24 cm.
It’s affordable, looks great and has 5 star reviews all around. Read more here.



Final Thoughts: Stunning In Every Respect

In spite of the minor flaw that this product has for its customers, the Lego Taj Mahal has overwhelmingly positive aspects, features and qualities that make it stunning in every respect. The Lego recreation, as far as toys go, is absolutely worthy of representing this historical building due to its expertly crafted pieces and details.

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