Best Car Seat Toys

Mortimer the Moose

You’re just setting off for a 2 hour trip in the car, all the bags are onboard, the baby in their child seat and you know they’re teething or will soon get bored. This is when you appreciate that you need the Best Car Seat Toys, to make the trips easier. So what’s the answer? Lamaze […]

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Best Mega Bloks Sets

Mega Construx American Girl Lea's 2-In-1 Rainforest Sanctuary Construction

  Looking At Best Mega Bloks Sets Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic This is an ideal starter set of 80 blocks, which are great for tiny fingers to build with. Exploring, touching, feeling then putting the bricks together is the start of many a great project. Animals, buildings even a space rocket, so […]

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Kyosho Ferrari F40 Light Weight Red

Ferrari F40 Light Weight Red Kyosho

  The Ferrari F40 is the last car that was signed by Enzo himself, before he passed away. It is a very special series from Ferrari, as it continues the heritage from 250 GTO and 288 GTO. It contains a Twin Turbo V8 Engine, 5-speed manual, carrying a 471 HP and it goes 0 – […]

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Chip Robot Dog Review

WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog CHiP

You’ll Be Barking Mad To Miss This Chippette is a classy pink puppy, the new kid on the block and she loves to play with Chip. Chippo the toughest of the pack – this black puppy with a gold doggy-bone collar wants to be your favorite watchdog. Chipper is a funny blue robotic toy dog, who is […]

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LEGO City Space Port 60080 Review

LEGO City Space Port 60080

Product Review – LEGO Spaceport LEGO City line has conquered Earth and so it’s time to venture into space. Here’s where we welcome the ideal zone and it is called Spaceport. Its highlight is a space shuttle, and various spacecrafts that you can build and play with!   How Big? Space shuttle measures over 4” […]

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Upper Bounce Trampoline Reviews

Upper Bounce Trampoline Reviews

Upper Bounce Trampoline Reviews We Love These So my son who is almost 12 wanted a trampoline of his own, after his little sister had gotten one for her birthday. Her Little Tikes 7ft one was too small for him, so he asked for one bigger for him to use.   The Advantages to the […]

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Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter Reviews

razor pocket mod betty

Hello everyone, bringing another review your way.  As you saw in my other two recent posts I talked about a couple of the products my other kids got for Christmas.  Well now it’s my friend’s  12 year old turn, and he got her what I believe is the best electric scooter on the market right […]

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Best Trampoline For The Money

The Little Tikes 7ft Trampoline

  Little Tikes 7ft Trampoline Review, Is It The Best?   I just purchased the Little Tikes 7ft Trampoline for my daughter who is 3 for Christmas, and wanted to  leave a quick review.  I can’t say enough about this trampoline, and I truly believe it is one of the best on the market right […]

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The Slinky: A Great Christmas Toy

The Original Slinky

The Slinky is a great Christmas present for people young and old. Slinky has been on the market since 1945. That is a long time for any toy to be on the market. Since Slinky has been around for so long it must be a great toy to play with. Slinky has been making people […]

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Lego Eiffel Tower

LEGO Make & Create Eiffel Tower 1:300

Lego Eiffel Tower: Will It Bring The Paris Experience? For decades, kids and adults alike have played with Lego to make the most out of childhood and to relive the younger days, respectively. For some adults, sometimes they would want to regress some more and get back on playing these building blocks. Fortunately, for those same grown-ups […]

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