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Bearington Collection Big Huggles Teddy Bear
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Bearington Christmas Bears Gift Ideas


Bearington Collection Big Huggles Teddy Bear is a great looking, masterfully sewn, totally user safe and ecologically friendly teddy bear. It is made from high quality fur that is exceptionally well secured to avoid shedding. It has an incredibly soft structure and feel and it is designed to suit all ages, although it is more appropriate for children aged 4 years and above. This is due to the size of the teddy bear, which is roughly 30″ tall. This size may not be comfy for children below 4 years.  Bearington bears are hugely popular at the moment.
 I’d suggest here to ignore the reviews loved the product yet only gave 1 out of 5.
“Exact teddy I was looking for! I love this collection! I googled it. It was easy to find! It arrived quickly too!” I’d hate to think the score had they hated it !


Bearington Collection Big Huggles Teddy Bear Features

Individual friendly: the fur utilized to make the teddy bear is very carefully sewn to stay clear of shedding. This shields the users from inadvertently swallowing the fur.
High quality: the innovation used to make the teddy bear is high and the fur used is of high quality.
Structure: The fur used provides the teddy bear a supper soft texture that makes it possible for users to conveniently play with the teddy bear without suffering any inflammations resulting from scratches.
Outstanding looks: the quality of the fur makes its look attractive eliminating the need to clothe the teddy bear.
Toughness: The careful stitching of the fur guarantees an extended period of use without the tendency of falling out or tearing



Made from individual, friendly material
It is incredibly soft and friendly
Lasts for ages without breaking down


Not appropriate for children below 4 (four) years of age

Bearington Collection Big Huggles Teddy Bear testimonial

A customer who acquired Bearington Collection Big Huggles Teddy Bear made this remark,”Once that is done the bear seems completely safe. The bow is extremely well secured and my grandson loves it. He loves the face and feel of the fur also… very hugable… mommy and nana enjoy hugging him too.”.
Bearington Collection Big Huggles Teddy Bear is a resilient, safe, exceptionally soft and friendly teddy bear that can work as a remarkable present for a liked one.

As with all Bearington bears this is a sensationally fun teddy bear.


Bearington Huggles Stuffed Animal Teddy Bear 16″

  • Makes the perfect gift and treasured collectible
  • 16″ bear bean bag weighted for poseability and cuddling
  • Classic design of the traditional Teddy bear of swirly off-white fur, dressed up with a silky satin beige bow
  • Features ultra soft plush, washable surface
  • A product of the award winning Bearington Collection

This smaller 16″ version is also popular and another great choice for Bearington Christmas Bears Gifts.

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